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Development Trend of LED Grow Light Industry

Author :SimonDec. 21, 2015

Light is a basic circumstance element for plant growth. Light could not only provide growth energy for plant via photosynthesis, but also a regulatory factor for plant growth. Through using artificial light as supplement or the only light source, grower could expedite plant growth, increase output, perfect plant shape and color, improve the functional component, decrease the plant diseases and insect pests, etc. Today let’s share the development trend of grow light industry.

vertical farm led grow lights


LED grow light is suitable for many different scenes because of the adjustable spectrum and light intensity, low heat and good water-proof function. At the same time, the changing natural environment and high food quality pursuing from human have motivated the booming of facility agriculture and plant factory. LED grow light industry has entered the period of rapid development. In the future, LED grow light will have vital function on improving agricultural production efficiency, food safety, vegetables and fruit quality. With the industrial professionalization, the LED source of grow light will make progress on targeted direction.


Light efficiency and energy efficiency are the key to sharp decrease operation cost of plant lighting. It is an inevitable trend of refinement agriculture in the future to replace traditional lighting by LED, and dynamic optimize lighting circumstance based on plants’ spectrum requirement from seedling to reaping stage. In the aspect of increasing output, on the basis of plant growth characteristics, cultivate the plant in different stages and districts with different lighting spectrums. In this way, production efficiency and output could be increased. In the aspect of quality improvement, through methods like nutrition regulation and light adjustment, nutrients component content and other healthcare functional component could be increased.

It is estimated that the vegetable seedling quantity required in China is 680 billion. However, the factory could only provide less than 10% of the required quantity. The seedling industry has higher requirement for the circumstance. The growing season is mainly in Spring and Winter, which lack of natural lighting but need artificial lighting supplement. Grow light has higher input-output ratio and input acceptability. Fruit vegetables such as tomato, cucumber, muskmelon and so on need grafting. The special spectrum lighting supplement under high humidity will expedite the healing of grafting. LED has a prominent advantage in this aspect. In greenhouse, lighting supplement for vegetable cultivation could cover the lack of natural light, improve plant photosynthesis, expedite flowering and fruiting, increase production output and quality. LED grow light has promising application prospect on vegetable seedling and greenhouse production.

3. Intelligentization

Plant illumination has great demand to real-time control the quality and quantity of light. With the improvement of the smart control technology and the application of internet of things, through coordinating between single light spectrum and smart control system, growers could timely adjust the output of light quality and quantity according to the plant growing status. This is an inevitable trend in the grow light technology in the future.

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