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What Factors Affect Growing Strawberries on Vertical Farming?

Author :LEDINPRO LIGHTINGFeb. 23, 2023

In recent years, greenhouse planting has become more and more popular due to the environment. Green leafy vegetables are the most commonly grown crops, and the cultivation of fruits and vegetables is slowly expanding. The light, temperature, variety and other factors of planting crops are very important. There are three key factors for strawberry planting in vertical farms: good planting materials are the most important factor for indoor strawberry planting; maintaining good plant balance while maintaining good water deficit; pollination and biological pest control.Only by increasing the strawberry production, can the indoor planting of strawberries form a viable industry scale.

grow lights for strawberry

Strawberry is a light plant, but more shade resistant. Light is an important factor for strawberry survival, only under sufficient light conditions can strawberry plants grow strong, flower buds differentiate well, and berries can have high yield and high quality. When promoting cultivation, strawberry flowering in winter is easy to appear insufficient light, if necessary, spread reflective film goods in the greenhouse to supplement the light, to promote flowering and fruit. Our LEDINPRO lighting lamps are suitable for the whole growth cycle of plants, not only provide a unique spectral design for crops to meet the daily lighting requirements, but also can simulate the sunrise and sunset environment; but also can provide greenhouse intelligent lighting management system, can record growth data at any time, greatly convenient for daily management; lighting installation and operation is simple and convenient. LEDINPRO Light and lanterns are suitable for strawberry growth between rows, bringing great convenience to crops and workers.


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