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How to Reduce the Need for Lighting Power of Vertical Farms

Author :LEDINPRO LIGHTINGFeb. 28, 2023

High Efficacy Lighting

One of the most effective ways to minimize lighting power requirements in vertical farms is to use energy-efficient lighting that delivers more micromoles per joule

Natural Light Supplementation

If possible, incorporate natural light into the vertical farm through daylight harvesting techniques to supplemental artificial lighting.

Optimized Lighting Schedules

Properly manage the lighting schedules for crops in the vertical farm to ensure that plants receive the optimal amount of light, reducing the need for excessive lighting.
led grow lights time setting

Photon Recycling with Reflecting Surfaces

By utilizing wide racks in a vertical farm and incorporating light-reflecting surfaces such as white trays, white racks, and white everything, the available light can be optimized, minimizing the requirement for supplemental lighting.
led grow lights for vertical farming

Lighting Controls

Implement lighting controls, such as dimming and occupancy sensors, to adjust lighting levels based on the needs of the building and reduce energy use. Additionally, consider using sensor-based lighting systems that adjust lighting intensity and spectrum levels based on the real-time needs of the crops.

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