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Importance of Light in Poultry House

Author :LEDINPRO LIGHTINGMar. 21, 2023

Light is very important in a poultry house for several reasons. Here are some of the main reasons why light is important in poultry production:

led poultry light

Regulation of Circadian Rhythms:

Light is one of the major environmental cues that helps regulate the circadian rhythms of birds. The circadian rhythm influences many processes in birds, such as their feeding and sleeping patterns, egg production, growth, and behavior.

Egg Production:

Hens are sensitive to light, and adequate light exposure is necessary to stimulate egg production. The amount and duration of light exposure affect the frequency and rate of egg production in hens.

Broiler Growth:

Light intensity in the poultry house affects broiler growth and development. Optimal lighting conditions are essential for broilers to grow to their maximum potential and to have good feed conversion ratios.

Behavior and Welfare:

Light can affect the behavior and welfare of poultry. Low light conditions may cause anxiety and stress in poultry, leading to increased aggression and cannibalism. Adequate lighting can help reduce stress and promote normal behavior in poultry.

poultry lights for farm

Product Quality:

Light exposure influences the quality of poultry products such as eggs and meat. For example, the quality of eggshells, yolk pigmentation, and meat color are all affected by the amount and duration of light exposure.

In conclusion, light is a critical factor in poultry production that affects multiple factors, including production efficiency, behavior, welfare, and product quality. It is important to provide adequate light intensity and duration of exposure to maintain optimal health and performance of birds in poultry houses.


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