Power : 12.5W / 19W / 26W / 33W / 40W / 25W / 38W / 52W / 66W / 80W

Size : 13.78"/350mm / 21.65"/550mm / 29.53"/750mm / 37.40"/950mm / 45.28"/1150mm

Dimming : 0%-100%

IP Level : IP65, PCB IP67

Input Voltage : 24V/DC


AquaStrip Lighting with Smarter, upgraded APP, more rich colors, Wifi directly access, better heat dissipating. We are not talking about a laptop. We are presenting you the new Sunstrip-428 3rd Generation! 5 channels independent control, mixing colors unlimited. Higher efficiency for both fresh and marine tanks. Invincible IP67 protection level, fewer worries, and longer lifespan. Now, upgrade your aquarium world to a whole new level.


  • 0%-100% dimming output, precise control at will
  • Ultra bright LED chips make the aquarium crystal clear
  • 2 power versions are available, for both fresh water or sea water tanks
  • APP intelligent control based on WiFi. Natural simulation of sunrise and sunset
  • Timing function allows the lighting system to work as scheduled after you leave home
  • Brand-new upgraded waterproof design reaches IP67, reliable, continuous and stable operation. Easy to clean.
  • The fighter wing design style is a separate telescopic bracket, which can be used in a variety of installation scenarios.
  • High color rendering index, no flicker.Bringing the most comfortable visual experience to the viewer, while protecting the fish's eyes.
  • Aviation-grade aluminum lamp body, durable and non-deformation. Lightweight and beautiful in appearance. And heat dissipating well.
  • Red, blue, green and white LEDs can be individually controlled, with a very rich combination of colors. The color of the fish tank is dominated by you.
  • The intelligent adjustable preset spectrum certified by experts can meet the different needs of plant growth, fish color enhancement, coral culture and so on.

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