Power : 12.5W - 80W

Dimming : 0%-100%

IP Level : IP65, PCB IP67

Input Voltage : 24V/DC


AquaStrip Light series is designed with mixed RGBW optical scheme, which is available for both Fresh fish tank and and Planted water tank. It benefits on the plant growth, color enhancement, and improving the ornamental value in along with the smart timer control and the simulation of sunrise and sunset. This light will satisfied you with the full ecological lighting cycle.


  • 0%-100% dimming output, precise control at will
  • Ultra bright LED chips make the aquarium crystal clear
  • 2 power versions are available, for both fresh water or sea water tanks
  • APP intelligent control based on WiFi. Natural simulation of sunrise and sunset
  • Timing function allows the lighting system to work as scheduled after you leave home
  • Brand-new upgraded waterproof design reaches IP67, reliable, continuous and stable operation. Easy to clean.
  • The fighter wing design style is a separate telescopic bracket, which can be used in a variety of installation scenarios.
  • High color rendering index, no flicker.Bringing the most comfortable visual experience to the viewer, while protecting the fish's eyes.
  • Aviation-grade aluminum lamp body, durable and non-deformation. Lightweight and beautiful in appearance. And heat dissipating well.
  • Red, blue, green and white LEDs can be individually controlled, with a very rich combination of colors. The color of the fish tank is dominated by you.
  • The intelligent adjustable preset spectrum certified by experts can meet the different needs of plant growth, fish color enhancement, coral culture and so on.


Model Type No. Light Length Power LED Type Spectrum
AquaStrip 35w/m Plant 428-0001 350mm/13.78inch 12.5W RGB5050+W+W 2835 RGB/W/W(RGB+6500K+3000K)
428-0002 550mm/21.65inch 19W
428-0003 750mm/29.53inch 26W
428-0004 950mm/37.40inch 33W
428-0005 1150mm/45.28inch 40W
AquaStrip 70w/m Marine 428-0016 350mm/ 13.78inch 25W W+B+B 10000K+420nm+460nm
428-0017 550mm/21.65inch 38W
428-0018 750mm/29.53inch 52W
428-0019 950mm/37.40inch 66W
428-0020 1150mm/45.28inch 80W

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