Power : 6W / 8W / 10.5W / 15W / 18.5W

IP Level : IP68

Lumen : 500lm / 650lm / 850lm / 1200lm / 1500lm


Underwater light series is designed with the compatibility on both under and top of the water tank. Mainly designed and developed for underwater use, This light series is suitable for the requirment with long-term use underwater application, example like taking it as a professional dragon fish light, a kind of supplement light for local lighting, and normal illumination light under the water.

 RGBWW Underwater Tube


  • Sunlike LED- High color rendering index; Presenting realistic colors of fishes and plants;
  • Pure natural light, no flicker;
  • Optimized spectrum and lighting distribution won't hurt fishes’ eyes;
  • Upgraded high permeability glass tube. Reliable and efficient;
  • P68. Silicone seal. Safe for long term underwater operating;
  • Multiple heat dissipation design. Life span extended;
  • Online electric switch with timer function. Greatly increasing reliability and stability;
  • 24 Hours timer function on App. Simulation of sunrise and sunset;
  • Special design with side outlet cable. More in line with the rationality of the underwater installation;
  • Reasonable arrangement of LEDS. Obtain more uniform light.
  • Freshwater fish tank tube led aquarium lights


Type.No Item Size CRI Input Power Lumen Max Light Dispersion Color Temperature
374-0001 270mm >95 6W 500lm 120° 6500K
374-0002 420mm >95 8W 650lm 120° 6500K
374-0003 570mm >95 10W 850lm 120° 6500K
374-0004 870mm >95 15W 1200lm 120° 6500K
374-0005 1170mm >95 18.5W 1500lm 120° 6500K

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