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UV grow light

FlorAid UV Grow Light

Power : 9W / 28W / 30W / 20W / 14W

PPF : 19.8μmol/s / 67.2μmol/s / 20.7μmol/s / 66μmol/s / 44μmol/s / 32.2μmol/s

Efficacy : 2.2μmol/J / 2.4μmol/J / 2.3μmol/J


FlorAid UV grow light is suitable for indoor growing as a supplemental light. This item contains UVC/UVB/UVA/FR and other wave band, and can meet the needs of different applications. This product is mainly used for cannabis, flowers, microgreens and so on in indoor growing. FlorAid 363 is suitable for upgrading UV/FR supplemental lights on existing growing farms. It can be installed on various growing lights sets and growing shelves, to increase UV/FR supplemental function without changing the current growing layout.

UV light for microgreen


Most effective UV bands are all included

IP66 protection level, more reliable and more durable

Built-in driver, simple and convenient to install and use

Unique integrated UV+FR spectrum help boost flowering and growths

High-grade quartz glass ensure the effective penetration of light in various bands

Up to 36 interconnections, fully meet the demand of large-scale facility applications

The uniquely designed fixture end can be easily attached to other grow lights or grow racks

UV grow light


UV light for flowering

North America Parameters

Model no Length Power Efficiency PPF Beam angle
363-0015 3.6feet 25W 1.2μmol/J 30μmol/s 110°
363-0018 3.6feet 25W 1.7μmol/J 42.5μmol/s 110°

European Parameters

Model no Length Power Efficiency PPF Beam angle
363-0007 1100mm 10W 1.2μmol/J 12μmol/s 110°
363-0008 1100mm 25W 1.2μmol/J 30μmol/s 110°
363-0009 1100mm 25W 1.2μmol/J 30μmol/s 110°
363-0017 1100mm 25W 1.8μmol/J 45μmol/s 110°

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