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led grow lights for horticulture

Parsys Star 0-10V Dimming LED Grow Light

Power : 400 - 800W

PPF : 225-1840μmol/s

Efficacy : 2.3μmol/J

Dimming : 0-10V Dimming

Lifespan : 50000 hours


Parsys Star 0-10V dimming led grow lighting is suitable for vertical farm . This item is mainly used for clones, microgreens, strawberries and so on in vertical farms. The ultra-thin design of this product can save the space between shelves layers, so it provides more space for plant growth. The spectrum of this item is suitable for a wide range of plants, and can meet the growth needs of a variety of plants.


  • Full spectrum with blue peak
  • Contains wavelengths between 400-700nm
  • Slightly enhance energy at 660nm

led grow lighting


  • Space saving design only 0.41"(10.5mm)
  • Self-locking waterproof connector
  • Protection level IP66
  • High efficiency & competitive price, for both hobbyists and commercial projects
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Uniform light for optimum plant growth

North America Parameters

Type.No Power Efficiency PPF Voltage
367-0030 600W 2.3umol/J 1380umol/s 100-277VAC
367-0031 500W 2.3umol/J 1150umol/s 100-277VAC
367-0032 400W 2.3umol/J 920umol/s 100-277VAC
367-0033 300W 2.3umol/J 690umol/s 100-277VAC
367-0029 100W 2.3umol/J 230umol/s 100-277VAC

European Parameters

Type.No Power Efficiency PPF Voltage
367-0034 600W 2.3umol/J 1380umol/s 100-240VAC
367-0035 500W 2.3umol/J 1150umol/s 100-240VAC
367-0036 400W 2.3umol/J 920umol/s 100-240VAC
367-0033 300W 2.3umol/J 690umol/s 100-240VAC
367-0029 100W 2.3umol/J 230umol/s 100-240VAC

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led grow lighting for vertical farming

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