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T8 led grow light

Parsys Uni T8 Full Spectrum Grow Light

Power : 9W / 28W / 30W / 20W / 14W

PPF : 19.8μmol/s / 67.2μmol/s / 20.7μmol/s / 66μmol/s / 44μmol/s / 32.2μmol/s

Efficacy : 2.2μmol/J / 2.4μmol/J / 2.3μmol/J


Parsys Uni T8 full spectrum tube grow light is is suitable for vertical farm. This item is mainly used for clones, tissue culture, microgreens, potatoes and so on. Because of its unique design, greatly increase the utilization rate between shelves layers, can be installed easily and save wiring time. There are different spectrums, which can meet the growth needs of different crops at different stages.


  • IP66 waterproof level, can be washed by watergun
  • Daisy chain interconnection, max 28pcs 28W light can be interconnected under 230V in one line
  • Multi method installation way, easy and flexible
  • 40, 000 hours lifespan at Q90
  • Optimized full-spectrum accelerates crop growth
  • 5 year warranty Slim design to save space

ed grow lights for the vertical farming


1. Full spectrum with blue peak.Contains wavelengths between 400-700nm

2.Full spectrum with deep red peak.Contains wavelengths between 400-700nm.Drastically enhance energy at 660nm.Meets the needs of most plant growth.

T8 led grow light full spetrum

Par Distribution

led grow lights par value

grow light for vertical farming

Customers Case

led grow lights for green leaf

North America Parameters

Model no Length Power Efficiency PPF Beam angle
315-0014 46.65inch 20W 2.2μmol/J 44μmol/s 120°
315-0015 59.05inch 30W 2.2μmol/J 66μmol/s 120°
315-0016 46.65inch 30W 2.2μmol/J 66μmol/s 120°

European Parameters

Model no Length Power Efficiency PPF Beam angle
315-009 1200mm 9W 2.3μmol/J 20.7μmol/s 120°
315-0025 600mm 14W 2.3μmol/J 32.2μmol/s 120°
315-0013 1185mm 20W 2.2μmol/J 44μmol/s 120°
315-008 1200mm 28W 2.4μmol/J 67.2μmol/s 120°
315-0026 1500mm 28W 2.4μmol/J 67.2μmol/s 120°

Using Advice

Note: Please refer to the above hanging distance when the environment temperature is below 86°F(30C). If the environment temperature is higher than 86°F(30C), the hanging distance needs to be higher.

how to hanging led grow lights

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