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grow lights for grow tent

RaySys Pro LED Grow Light for Grow Tent

Power : 160W / 320W

PPF : 345μmol/s / 690μmol/s

Efficacy : 2.3μmol/J

Size : 12.68 x 13.90 inch / 24.02 x 13.90 inch

Dimming : 0-100%

Lifespan : 40, 000hours


Raysys Pro is a kind of LED grow light suitable for supplemental lighting for growing tent.

It is mainly developed to replace High Pressure Sodium (HPS), reduce the heat and heat dissipation problem also cancel fans, avoid problems such as dust accumulation and failure; This LED fixture is mainly used for indoor growing tent, full spectrum with dimming function is suitable for a wide range of plants, such as cannabis, microgreens and leafy greens etc.; This luminaire adopts the daisy chain function, and multiple lamps can be set synchronously, so it can also be used for large project.


Built-in 414pcs Samsung LM281B+diodes Provide high energy efficiency, Increase your yield by 27% at harvest

grow lights for growin grow tent


  • High power: various choices of high power and PPF can meet different cultivation needs;
  • 2-channel control: 2-channel control, full spectrum and UV light are seperately controlled from 0 to 100%;
  • Full spectrum: more red light in the full spectrum can promote the growth and flowering of cannabis;
  • Much cost effective: much cost effective comparing to other same price product.
  • not only suitable for home cultivation, but also indoor cultivation, and greenhouses.

grow light with timer


Type No. Power Efficiency PPF PF UV Beam angle Dimming Voltage Warranty
434-0003 160W 2.3μmol/J 345μmol/s 10μmol/s 120° 0-100% 100-277VAC 3 years
434-0004 320W 2.3μmol/J 690μmol/s 20μmol/s 120° 0-100% 100-277VAC 3 years

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