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Solify Pro

canshu : 630W/625W/620W

canshu2 : 1512μmol/s 1625μmol/s

canshu3 : 1550μmol/s 2.6μmol/s


The groundbreaking design of our new Solify Pro supplemental greenhouse LED lighting are the best grow lights made to replace 1000 watt HPS light fixtures. They are engineered to meet the needs of large-scale commercial operations. Most compact fixture, with high efficiency and what's more, it shots the narrowest shadow during sunlight time. Cannabis grow light is lighting that is designed to promote the growth of indoor cannabis plants. With the legalization of cannabis and marijuana becoming mainstream, growing cannabis is a fast-growing industry, and to successfully grow cannabis, the correct lighting source is vital. Over the years, the type of lighting recommended for growing cannabis has evolved. Until recently, high-intensity discharge (HID) lights were the standard light source used by growers, but today light-emitting diode LED has become the new standard. LED Grow lights are now the way to go.

Solify Pro 351 is specially developed for indoor and greenhouse growing, which can be used for all plants grown indoor or in greenhouse, especially for cannabis cultivation; This LED light can realize one-to-one replacement of HPS to achieve energy saving and cooling, and improve the return on investment of growers.


  • Reliable and robust performance, long life more than 40, 000 Hrs at Q90
  • Replace 1000W HPS one-to-one saving 37% energy consumption.
  • 100-240VAC, 100-277 VAC&277-480 VAC, meets requirements of varied projects.
  • Can customize T-shaped interconnection cables according to the project requirements.

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