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Compact Dimming Controller

Channel : 2 channel

Mode : 3 mode ways


Compact Dimming Controller is a simple and easy dimmer for grow light, which supports 0-10V dimming control. A single controller can control 2 lighting zones, can control dimming in 2 channel, each channel can load 30 lights. This light solves the problem of dimming on adjustable spectrum grow light. It has the function of daylight simulation, can set the sunrise and sunset, and has 4 automatic dimming settings throughout the day, and the dimming is stepless.


Two-channel control, max 25 lights each channel
Two Photoperiod can be set under Automatic Mode
Freely set lights on/off in 1-15min to imitate natural sunrise/sunset environment
Hand-held operation, more convenient to use


1. Provides manual control, two preset automatic control programs.
2. Manual light switch can be controlled, | dimming from 100% to 10% .
3. Timing programs for two different photoperiods can be pre-set, enabling quick switching during planting.

led grow light dimming controller


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